Get ready for an eye-opening adventure with Sean Connell in his TED Talk, “Listening with Your Eyes,” as he shares his life-changing experience with the Peace Corps in Ecuador and how it influenced his ethos of international marketing.

Sean’s journey in Ecuador sparked a real “Aha!” moment. He had to rethink and reframe the questions he was asking himself about his mission. The result? Deeper connections with the villagers he was living with. By fine-tuning his listening skills and approaching encounters with an open mind, he discovered that we all share common aspirations and dreams no matter where people come from.

Fast forward to today. Sean has traversed the globe as a market researcher, engaging with customers far and wide to help organizations craft messaging that transcends cultural barriers. Sean encourages us to recognize our own biases and the cultural baggage that may cause us to look at others through rose-colored glasses.

So throw away your tour book, don’t be afraid to deeply immerse yourselves in another culture, and get ready for an inspiring journey as Sean Connell unravels the art of “Listening with Your Eyes.”