We believe in the power of human insight

Regardless of your industry or business model, you are serving people (yes, even in B2B, even in Healthcare, even in Technology). The reality is, people are messy and complicated. We approach every engagement with a mindset of respect, humility and curiosity – so that we get past superficial learning and into the meat of human insights that can spark growth for your business.

Specifically, we believe that:

People’s lives cannot possibly be understood through one lens

The people you serve are complicated and more than just buyers or users of your products, services or technology. Because of this reality, we take an immersive, multi-lens approach to help us truly understand underlying customer motivations, attitudes and beliefs. Armed with this insight, we are better able to help you untangle even the most complex business problems.

Insights that spark growth are derived from the ‘why’s' not just the ‘what’s’

Connell Group was founded on the premise that research should be in service of our client’s business and brand challenges and goals. We don’t believe in costly fishing expeditions that ‘dump data’ on our clients. We design intentional research that is focused on your specific challenge or opportunity – and we ensure that we’ll get you actionable insight that not only tells you what your customers think or feel – but why they think or feel that way. In our experience, the richest insights are almost always within the ‘why’s’ rather than on the surface level.

Synthesizing insight into an action plan takes expertise and experience

Although our research is centered on the people you serve, our engagements are centered on helping your brand move forward. For 23 years, we’ve been helping clients triangulate between human insight, business mandates and operational realities. We help you to build the right research plan, extract input from your cross-functional team and enroll them in the resulting insights so that there is ownership and commitment to the resulting action plan. Ultimately, we don’t just want you to understand your customers, we want you to better connect with them to drive impact.