Our Capabilities

We are a passionate team of market research and strategy professionals that help you get deeper into the needs, pain points and aspirations of your target customers. Our research approaches get past cost-of-entry factors and into the decision-drivers and motivations that underly customer choice and preference. Ultimately, our skillset enables you to get into the meaty, disruptive insights you need to more thoughtfully shape your brand and spark your future growth.


Brand Transformation

  • Target strategy
  • Positioning and value proposition development
  • Brand purpose articulation
  • Growth opportunity identification


  • Product ideation
  • Concept development
  • Pipeline development
  • Launch strategy

Customer Activation

  • Journey mapping
  • Activation strategy
  • Messaging guidance



Primary research: global qualitative and quantitative

Digital research: social listening and data analytics
Secondary research



Strategy development

Innovation sprints
Training and workshops

Here's how we help:

Define your business destination

Often, the first step in renovating your brand – is clarifying what your business wants to be when it ‘grows up’. Our facilitated Destination Planning® approach helps cross-functional leadership teams objectively consider where they want to take the business in 3-5 years, so that we can ensure that the brand strategy is built to support and drive towards that destination.

Clarify your highest potential targets

We help you define and deeply profile customer segments to clarify your highest potential targets, uncover the means to activate them, and personalize activation in a way that all stakeholders internally and externally can understand and embrace.

Transform your brand positioning

We help you ensure ongoing relevance and sustainable differentiation for your brand by understanding drivers of choice and where you can credibly differentiate against a changing competitive landscape.

Create compelling innovation value propositions

We help you arrive at more compelling ways to go to market by exploring the best means by which to connect your products and solutions to your customers’ pain points, aspirations, and reality.