We believe insights should be in service of your business

In 2000, The Connell Group was founded to bring a more business-minded approach to market research. From our firm’s inception, we have consistently sought to understand a client’s business challenges and aspirations first – so that the research we design for them can be strategic, actionable and growth-driving on the back-end. To do this effectively, we’ve built a team with a unique combination of both insights and strategy expertise.

Meet our team

Patty Klingbiel

President and Principal

Patty is always in the room where it happens. She has 32 years in Brand Marketing, Management, and Consulting beginning at P&G. In addition to building strong brands, Patty is obsessed with all things musical theater, especially when Bob Fosse is involved.

Sean Connell

Founder and Principal

Musician. Entrepreneur. Peace Corps Volunteer. Sean’s varied backgrounds and thirst for human understanding are characteristics that led him to found The Connell Group in 2000. Helping your business win is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Amy King

Global Insights

Amy has more than 25 years of Market Research, Analytics, Data Management and Marketing Strategy experience. Amy loves the science of using data to find insights to solve business problems. She also listens to other problems and gives unsolicited motherly advice.

Joanna Zobak

Research Design and Execution

With a background in psychology and research, Joanna loves to transform people’s true feelings and motivations into meaningful business insights. When not out with friends, you can most likely find her socializing with all the neighborhood dogs.