We have all been inundated with information about how customer needs have changed and will continue to change for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on so many lives. The way people now work, socialize, spend their time, and spend their money, is evolving. As a result, brand leaders are struggling to know how to adapt and connect with their customers in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, the available market research and marketing “advice” is generic and therefore not actionable.

The Connell Group is launching the Adapting Needs Brand Pulse. This customized research is conducted on periodic intervals to capture rapidly evolving customer needs and drive changes for your brand accordingly.

Unlike information available in the public domain, the Adapting Needs Brand Pulse zeros in on your category and product offering. The output uncovers attainable changes your brand can make in a short period of time and in accordance with key COVID-19 milestones.

Here is how it works:

  • We work closely with you to customize the research to fit your category and adjustable features within your brand’s control
  • We field online primary research at key intervals that coincide with COVID-19 milestones (e.g. back to work/school, flu season, etc.)
  • After each pulse, you will receive a report with action-oriented insights to drive immediate changes for your brand
  • Key findings will include the following:
    • Your customers’ current needs related to your category (and how those have change pulse vs. pulse) 
    • Your brand’s perceived delivery against key category needs
    • An assessment of how successful your adjustments have been in linking your marketing plan to customers’ changing needs
    • A competitive lens to understand where your brand fits within the broader marketplace
    • Your category’s prioritization relative to adjacent categories
    • Attitudinal dimensions to better connect to your customers’ broader worldview

The Adapting Needs Brand Pulse will allow you to understand, react, and measure success in a rapidly changing market.

As we all continue to hear about changing needs, The Connell Group wants to support you in staying ahead of the curve by listening to your customers and acting as quickly as their needs are changing. If you are interested in learning more about this solution, please reach out to start a conversation.