Re-establishing relevance for a market leader

Searching for relevance in order to drive growth

Our client created the online pet medication market and dominated it for nearly a decade. However, failing to keep up with market shifts put them in a position where they were rapidly losing ground to newer, more agile competitors. They needed to redefine themselves to find a new path for growth.

Understanding drivers of engagement

The Connell Group conducted two phases of quantitative research. We first conducted a segmentation study of Pet Owners. We then mapped our client’s current customer base against the segments. This enabled us to understand:

  • Opportunity Size: how much growth potential exists in each segment
  • Engagement Potential: how easy will it be to engage and drive action within each segment
  • Strategic Alignment: how credible the brand is to deliver for each segment

Recommendation of segment priorities

Based on our recommendation of segment and positioning, the company was able to create new messaging, a digital strategy, and ultimately set themselves up for new acquisitions and offerings to play a valuable role in pet owners’ lives.

Project Highlights

  • Brand Transformation Strategy
  • Consumer Products
  • Quantitative Research
  • United States

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