Democratizing cutting-edge technology in life sciences

Expanding lab use of cryo-electron microscopy

A global leader in the life sciences industry wanted to understand how to democratize Cryo-EM technology across labs by creating a next gen tool that delivers value at a more accessible price point.

Understanding the opportunity for a more accessibly-priced tool

The Connell Group led global qualitative research among structural biologists across academic and industry backgrounds to uncover:

  • Unmet needs with current methodological approaches
  • Decision-making processes for high-cost lab instruments
  • Reactions to concepts and spec options

Building product messaging around biologist needs

Our research revealed a significant unmet need for greater control over the preliminary steps associated with sample preparation, allowing the client to base messaging around factors that deeply impact pain points in the existing workflow.

Project Highlights

  • Global
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Life Sciences
  • Qualitative Research

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