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Our Capabilities

With expertise in qualitative research, quantitative research, and brand consulting, we work with our clients to craft more practical, multi-layered research approaches that go beyond the obvious. We reveal more interesting and disruptive customer insights that drive your business forward.

We help you maneuver through the clutter and find authentic connections between your customers’ realities and your brand, and then leverage those connections to help you create meaningful new products, marketing strategies, and customer experiences.

Orange Head

Brand Transformation Strategy

  • Target strategy
  • Positioning and value proposition development
  • Brand purpose articulation
  • Growth opportunity identification

Innovation Strategy

  • Product ideation
  • Concept development
  • Pipeline development
  • Launch strategy

Customer Experience and Activation Strategy

  • Journey mapping
  • Activation strategy
  • Messaging guidance

Blue scientist

Insight methodologies

  • Primary research: global qualitative and quantitative
  • Digital research: social listening and data analytics
  • Secondary research

Strategic approaches

  • Strategy development
  • Innovation sprints
  • Training and workshops


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