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A Holistic Approach to
Understanding and Connecting
with Your Customers

Since we launched back in 2000, we have stayed true to a simple philosophy: to understand how people feel about your product or service, you must first understand them as people.

Specifically, we believe that:

1. People’s lives cannot be understood through only one lens

People are complicated and are more than just buyers of your stuff. We take an immersive, multi-lens approach to help us untangle complex business problems and truly understand underlying customer motivations.

2. Insights should drive strategic choices

Market research and data analytics are critical tools to bring clarity and focus to decision making. They help us move beyond internal mythology and guessing to make data-driven decisions that have real business impact.

3. Brands come to life through the entire experience

Brands come to life through more than just messaging. We must connect with people through their full journey, through their influencers, and through a focus on what matters throughout their entire experience.


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